What is Disposable Income Panel Profiling?

It is what it says on the tin: it tells you how much disposable income an individual has after all essentials and committed expenditure has been account for.

How does it work?

We have asked our panel members to tell us about all their essential spending (such as housing, bills, food etc).

Then we asked them to tell us about committed expenditure which may not be essential but has to be paid for a period of time (e.g. if someone is an a contract for a term, or it is one’s choice to pay, such as school fees).

After that we are left with disposable income!

Disposable income can be used both for targeting surveys at individuals likely to afford the product and for analyzing data by level of disposable income.

Advantages of using Disposable Income Profiling?

  1. Disposable Income is not always correlated with Household Income
    - think high earning individual with a large mortgage, school fees for 2 kids etc vs a retail assistant living at home with parents with almost no bills to pay – who is likely to splash £500 on a designer handbag?
  2. Disposable Income is not always correlated with Social Grade
  3. Quick targeted access to respondents able to spend certain amounts - especially useful for high end product surveys, niche products, innovations in the market.
  4. Ability to segment data by level of disposable income.
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