Customer in the Room works very well for clients trying to understand which concepts/ ideas will be the best for their brand, with feedback in Real-time, directly from their target segments.

Preparing before an event
The Fly team will pre-invite 200-500 relevant panelists (customers/ non-customers) to be available on the day of the test. Fly will also set up an appropriate survey tool and ensure everything is technically working, so it can be simply populated on the day with questions.

On the day of the event
Fly’s trained and experienced "Innovation researchers" and "qualitative experts" will run the brainstorming workshop and will channel questions, new ideas and concepts to the pre-recruited target audience.

The early responses are strong guides and will typically take just 30 minutes.

Most importantly, this session is very useful for killing "bad ideas quickly", saving the client money and focusing on the more promising and productive ideas. Usually the concepts that score below a threshold of 50 interviews are not used (though they can be refined and re-tested once improved).

After the event ends
After the event ends, we provide feedback and full cross-tabs on all concepts and questions to the client team attending the meeting in order to spark more ideas and fine-tune existing ones. This helps clients improve idea quality significantly as well as accelerate innovation.



Customer in the Room can be run as half day, full day or 2-day sessions. We tailor the research around client requirements so it can be customized. We provide feedback and full cross-tabs on all concepts and questions to the client teams, shortly after the session ends.

In addition to this detailed results can be delivered in Excel, SPSS and PowerPoint files a few days after, depending on the client requirements.
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