Most PR agencies are looking for top-line information for their clients, as PR is very time sensitive, and clients don’t necessarily have the time to run in-depth, deep-dive analytical studies, which makes our "PR Survey Express", extremely important. These surveys are short, punchy, and suitable for most audiences and target segments and we typically go for 1000 responses in each study, respectively.

Our mantra of writing a good PR Survey
We always start with the perfect headline and some current news, which people would immediately recognise as being true, but hadn't really thought about before e.g. "30% of Brits want to work to age 75", "Slippers are the present that most say 'I don’t care' at Christmas", "Most people have 7 items of clothing they never wear". Headlines which are controversial, risqué or topical work well and if they reflect national obsessions (like TV, football, celebrities, sex, shopping, etc.), they work even better.

Whilst we cannot guarantee the media will love every story our clients write, we can promise the best advice in the business. We have run hundreds of PR surveys over the last 10 years, many of which have received a lot of attention national and globally.


When a brand or retailer has a global presence or is looking to explore new countries, we offer our "Multi-country Survey Express".

This survey helps compare attitudes and opinions across different markets, which helps clients understand their target markets.

We try to keep a consistency in surveys by asking the same questions across different countries, which means clients benefit from economies of scale. We provide a provision for change in currency, competitors and language, by running several versions of the same thing.

Some important considerations
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