Project Costing

    A full-service project consists of a number of different stages
Our costing is based on activity based costings, which in essence means "clients only pay for the service they commission", there are no minimum project costs.
We give our clients the opportunity and freedom to choose the service they wish to commission with Fly, and the project is then consistently costed around their exact requirements and budget.

Fly’s recommendations on consultancy

At Fly, we believe that quality consultancy is particularly crucial at the initial stage of the project (pre-survey) around designing of the questionnaire, sample selection, setting quotas etc., as this helps produce the data required, quickly and efficiently.

We strongly believe that its important to ask the right questions in the right way – "what you put in up-front is what you get at the other end" and we pride ourselves on our expertise in this area.

Fly also recommends, quality consultancy or the interpretation of the final results, post survey, if clients are keen to understand the “Why’s” and need strong "Recommendations" and guidance for future projects. We equally understand that sometimes clients want to work on this internally so the choice is always the clients'.
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